WATCH: Trump-endorsed candidate Vernon Jones storms out of Georgia event over speaking order
Twitter/screen grab

Trump-endorsed congressional candidate Vernon Jones (R-GA), a former Democrat, stormed out of an event over the weekend after he expressed dissatisfaction about the order in which speakers would take the stage.

Atlanta Journal-Constitution correspondent Greg Bluestein shared video of Jones arguing about the speaking order at a Jackson County Republican Party event on Saturday.

"I came here because I'm a fighter," Jones said, "but I'm not going to be subjected to parlor tricks. I was selected to be the second person. Mike Collins was supposed to go first and you all are now trying to change it."

"You are here as a guest," another person argued. "You are going to listen to what I'm going to say."

"No, we were told he's going first and I'm going second," Jones insisted before turning to the audience. "I'm sorry this happened but I don't play games like that."

A woman disagreed with Jones but he claimed that the organizers "changed the rules."

At that point, Jones turned and left the building.

Watch the video below.