Speaking to MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace, an Army veteran who infiltrated the Three Percenters militia described what he uncovered.

Kristofer Goldsmith, CEO of Sparverius, said that his goal has been to make militia groups "so paranoid that they can't function."

"So, after the election, I was doing things that some other veterans were doing and joining these extremist organizations," said Goldsmith. "Now I was joining them because I wanted to know what they were planning. And I joined the Three Percenters. During the screening, using basically my real profile as an Iraq veteran as background, they're asking me questions about my weapon system, my secondary, meaning my handgun, how I was prepared to use it. What I would do in different tactical scenarios. They specifically asked, and I made recordings because these people are idiots, they were explicitly asking would you kill someone from Antifa or Black Lives Matter. This wasn't an anomaly."

When Goldsmith joined the group, he sought out the Georgia chapter, which he explained was, at one time, the largest and most active militia in the United States.

He recalled another session that he recorded where they asked Goldsmith what his "threat intelligence reports look like in November and ahead of Jan. 6." He said that he's seen that people like Alex Jones have been called into Congress, but he hasn't seen people like Nick Fuentes and the America First PAC, "who were literally riding in an armored fake Humvee all around the country and practicing these insurrections at state capitals trying to intimidate members of those local legislators and governors to overturn the election."

Jan. 6 didn't come out of nowhere, he explained, it was planned in the open. Some actions were plotted on Facebook before they were kicked off.

"My goal and organizations like We the Veterans and Veterans for American Ideals of Human Rights are to knock these people off-center," Goldsmith continued. "They have gone unopposed for years. They've been talking about the violence out in the open, and nobody's done anything. Well, now it's time to engage these people, and you know, I'm not going to go out in the street with a weapon dressing like I did in Iraq, because I'm not an idiot. I can do all this from my home and other veterans who are interested, I would encourage them to do the same. What we want to do is make these groups so paranoid that they can't function."

Wallace was surprised that law enforcement isn't among those working to bring down these militia groups. Goldsmith explained that law enforcement officials are living in a fantasy land, pretending that militias that want to bring down the government have a First Amendment right to do so.

"They have been basically made afraid," Goldsmith said of the law enforcement. "And especially with the Trump administration and Bill Barr's Department of Justice. Law enforcement was afraid to watch these folks like I did. I'm not a law enforcement official. I can go and buddy up to these people online. Make a fake profile, a fake gab account. and just copy and paste their rhetoric. So, they think I'm one of them then you know, a few days go by of silence and the next thing you know, there are conversations that I recorded."

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