Chilling supercut contrasts Trump's lies about 'love' at Capitol riots with brutal violence of his supporters

Former President Donald Trump over the weekend blatantly lied about the actions taken by his supporters at the January 6th Capitol riots by saying that his supporters were "peaceful people" who were filled with "such love."

MSNBC's Mehdi Hasan on Monday showed a supercut video that contrasted Trump's description of his supporters with brutal footage of the rioters beating police and vandalizing the Capitol.

As footage of the deadly riots played, Trump can be heard falsely claiming that the doors to the Capitol were opened up to his supporters, despite the fact that footage shows Trump fans breaking through windows to get access to the building.

Another particularly jarring Trump statement was the claim that there was "a love fest" between Capitol Police and Trump supporters even as footage showed the Trump fans attacking the police with riot shields, flag polls, and bear spray.

The video ended with Trump calling his supporters "tremendous people" as they chanted for the hanging of former Vice President Mike Pence.

Watch the video below.