Virginia Republican will demand audit if she loses GOP nomination

Republicans have so thoroughly bought Trump's conspiracy theories that they are now questioning elections conducted entirely by their own party.

"The Arizona Republican Party is allowing two GOP activists to inspect ballots and other records from the party's Jan. 23 elections after they sued over the methods used during what they deemed was a "chaotic" election process. The inspection of an estimated 1,300 ballots cast by state committee people is limited to two committee races, It does not involve the results of the state party's chair, another challenged race that has attracted the most attention," The Arizona Republic reported Friday.

Now a state legislator in Virginia is threatening an audit if she loses the nomination for governor, which is conducted entirely by the Virginia Republican Party.

"I have been the frontrunner of all seven candidates in every single poll that has been done. Every single independent poll. There was recently one that was released several days ago and I'm still the frontrunner," Sen. Amanda Chase said. "So if I come out of this election as anything other than the victor, of course, we are going to have a full audit."