Vladimir Putin's biggest cheerleaders desperately beg for help on live TV: report
Photo via AFP

Russian Media Monitor and Daily Beast reporter Julia Davis revealed a startling moment on Russian state television that says a lot about the state of the Vladimir Putin empire.

As the Russian leader continues to wage his war against the people of Ukraine, more and more Russian soldiers are dying and public support is turning against him.

The head of RT, Margarita Simonyan, joined The Evening With Vladimir Solovyov to admit that the Kremlin's elite are starting to worry about being tried for war crimes.

Simonyan claimed that no one in the Russian leadership and state media propagandists like her wanted air strikes against Ukraine and its critical infrastructure.

“I am amazed by our people—and I unfortunately know many of them—including those in very high circles, who are afraid of this and are scared to call things by their proper names because of what people over there may think," said Simonyan, according to Davis. “We could spit on what they think over there! People who are afraid of the Hague—listen, you should be afraid to lose, to be humiliated and be afraid to betray your people. Let me tell you that if we manage to lose, the Hague—whether real or hypothetical—will come even for a street cleaner who is sweeping the cobblestones behind the Kremlin.”

Davis noted that Simonyan also got mixed up saying that Russian forces weren't trying to go after civilian infrastructures like apartment buildings, parks, monuments, and hospitals that have been bombed. So her later comments appeared a bit of a slip from the required text.

Host Vladimir Solovyov closed the interview by threatening nuclear strikes, which he has been doing for months.

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