Vladimir Putin scores 8 goals — leading his hockey team to a 13-9 victory: report

On Monday, Russian President Vladimir Putin, an infamous autocrat, participated in an ice hockey game. His team won 13 to 9 — largely because he scored 8 goals.

According to Kevin Rothrock, a reporter who covers Russian affairs for U.S. media, Putin's first goal was scored within 30 seconds of the game starting.

This is not a singular incident. Putin has carried his team to blowout victories in previous years as well, including a 2019 game — possibly because the other team is too intimidated to defend seriously.

Putin is well known for his administration's human rights abuses, one of the most recent being the dubious imprisonment of opposition leader Alexei Navalny.


Владимир Путин забросил восемь шайб в гала-матче Ночной хоккейной лиги - Россия 24 www.youtube.com