Trump supporter 'went off the deep end' while doing voter fraud inquiry at Washington man's home
A supporter of former President Donald Trump (Shutterstock)

A resident of Bremerton, Washington is calling foul after being accosted by a Trump supporter at his doorstep over potential "voter fraud."

As the Seattle Times reports, an organization called the Washington Voter Research Project has been sending canvassers door to door to ask residents about their voter registration status in an effort to find "voter fraud" in the state.

Bremerton resident Michael Simonds tells the newspaper that he came away disturbed after one canvasser came to his door recently and "kind of went off the deep end" when she started ranting about undocumented immigrants and forging ballot signatures.

"It seemed like a misinformation campaign," he said.

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Even more disturbingly, Simonds said that the woman falsely implied she was there on behalf of the county auditor's office, which is something that Spokane County Auditor Vicky Dalton tells the Seattle Times is simply not true.

“We don’t do this kind of doorbelling or canvassing door-to-door,” she said. “We don’t sponsor it, we don’t endorse it, nobody is doing this under our authority.”

Thurston County Auditor Mary Hall said she's also received complaints about canvassers misrepresenting themselves.

“People called very concerned, because they were portraying themselves as county employees,” she said. “They had like the Thurston County logo on their clipboard.”