Here’s how Biden can ‘kneecap’ voter suppression -- while increasing vaccinations

Republicans are in a panic over talk of coronavirus vaccine passports which would disproportionally impact GOP voters who are refusing to get vaccinated.

Not only could such passports increase vaccine rates, one journalist has a plan of how it could also "kneecap" GOP voter suppression efforts.

"I never imagined how many dishonest sociopaths lived in USA until the Trump cult. They dont have to get a vaccine. Stupid, but fine. But the idea they think we have no right to protect ourselves through passports from their casual lying about having been vaccinated is...expected," journalist Kurt Eichenwald posted on Twitter on Monday.

"Wouldn't it be interesting if the Biden Administration took one more step and, if we have one, made the vaccine passport a photo id? What better way to kneecap one part of red state voter suppression - a federal photo ID is a federal photo ID. And this one would be easy to get," he wrote.