Police reveal note left behind by Walmart shooter: 'My God forgive me'

Virginia police released a self-described "death note" that was reportedly left behind by the Walmart worker who shot and killed 6 of his coworkers and injured four others on Tuesday, WTKR reports.

In the note, Andre Bing wrote, "Sorry God I have failed you," and then went into detail about how he thought his coworkers were plotting against him.

He ended the note saying, "My God forgive me for what I am going to do..."

The note was discovered on Bing's phone during the investigation.

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The 9mm handgun Bing used in the attack was legally purchased at a store on Tuesday morning. After carrying out the attack on Tuesday night, Bing turned the gun on himself.

Two victims are still in the hospital with injuries -- one still in critical condition, while the other is in fair condition.