Former NFL cheerleaders left 'humiliated and incensed' after Republicans distribute 'salacious' photos of them: lawyers
Cheerleaders for the Washington football team, photo by Keith Allison.

Attorneys representing over three dozen former Washington Commanders employees sent a letter to the House Committee on Oversight and Reform requesting the immediate end of the distribution of images of former cheerleaders as part of an internal memo.

According to ESPN the publicly disclosed letter from attorneys Lisa Banks and Debra Katz details the humiliation their clients have endured from the distribution of a House Committee Republican memo that included image attachments of the former cheerleaders' breasts, buttocks and private areas initially emailed by former team president Bruce Allen. The letter specifically requests complete removal of the images from all Congressional records, electronic platforms and databases.

The attorneys said their clients were "humiliated and incensed by the GOP's reckless dissemination of these photographs" in its internal memo, and they described the photographs as "sexualized and salacious."

Recent findings by the Democrat-led House Committee found that Commanders owner Daniel Snyder led a toxic work environment that included sexual harassment, gender bias and even hiring private investigators to spy on his employees, other NFL team owners and even NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

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The circulated GOP memo was part of the panel's investigation of the team, and the attorneys' letter questioned why the memo wasn't circulated without the intrusive images. Banks and Katz stated that the GOP memo was a continuation of the blatant disrespect and devaluing of the former female employees that was prevalent throughout the Commanders' corporate culture.

Snyder continues to remain under fire for his actions, as there is wide speculation that he will be forced to sell the team in 2023.