Washington man used counterfeit $100 bill to scam cash out of child's lemonade stand: cops

On Friday, The Daily Beast reported that a man in Washington State used a fake $100 bill to steal money from an 11-year-old kid selling lemonade.

Police are looking for the thief, who has not yet been apprehended.

"The boy, Jeremy, was selling lemonade in Everett, Washington over the summer as a way to make a little extra dough," reported Emily Hernandez. "Police said he used his allowance money to give the man, who hasn’t yet been caught, his $85 change but when Jeremy took the bill to a gas station, he was told it was fake. Luckily, a kind neighbor set up a GoFundMe for Jeremy raising more than $2,200 in less than a day."

According to the GoFundMe page, Jeremy "has dreams of owning his own vending machine business in the future." Proceeds to the fund above what was needed to cover his losses will be used "to possibly expand his enterprise."

"Cops are appealing for help to locate the suspect, who was apparently having such a bad day he felt the need to scam a child," noted the report.

"If you are unable to donate ... please see the Everett Police Departments [sic] Facebook page for info on trying to catch the person that was low enough to do this," the fund concluded.