WATCH: Body cam footage shows cop panic when he learns Black woman has a gun permit

Body camera footage has been released documenting the stop of Minneapolis food delivery driver Jenice Hodge that resulted in a $100,000 lawsuit settlement.

Minneapolis Park Police Officer Calvin Pham's body cam footage shows the officer pulling his gun and shouting at Hodge one minute after stopping her for alleged seat belt and cell phone violations.

"In the body camera footage, which led to a six-figure settlement late last year, it is not clear why Pham pulled his gun. The officer later wrote in his incident report that he believed 'Jenice may have a gun' after he noticed a permit to carry card in her wallet. But Pham never wrote in his report that he saw a gun," KSTP-TV reports.

Hodge said she does have a valid permit, but did not have a firearm with her.

“I didn’t even have my driver’s license out of the sleeve and I had a gun pointed at my head,” she said. “You didn’t see a firearm, you didn’t ask if I had a firearm, you just reacted to something that you seen in my wallet."

Hodge said she was scared, thinking of Philando Castile, who had a legal firearm on him when he was killed by then-St. Anthony police officer Jeronimo Yanez in 2016. Yanez was acquitted.

Philando's mother, Valerie Castile, described the video as "absolutely terrifying.

“I know at that very moment, she thought about my son,” she said. “As a trained law enforcement officer, you’re supposed to be trained in how to de-escalate the situation. And yet, we see these situations happen over and over and over again.”

Hodge worries about others in similar situations.

“You never know when it’s your turn,” she said.