Watch: Donald Trump Jr. suggests President Joe Biden stole his father's ideas in State of the Union speech
Donald Trump Jr. (screengrab).

Donald Trump Junior accused President Joe Biden of stealing his father's ideas in Tuesday night's State of the Union speech during a Wednesday morning rant.

Junior published his grievances to his Rumble channel shortly following former President Donald Trump's livid response to Biden's address, which played after Junior finished speaking.

"Joe Biden's insane, dreamworld State of the Union last night, where he got up and literally seemed to run on like a Trump/Make America Great Again for the working-class platform, except we all see the results," he began. "It's all a big lie, right? He talked about how he's reducing insulin prices. My father did that. Joe Biden came in and canceled it. Now he puts it back in and takes credit for it, just like he's taking credit for 'job creation' by allowing people displaced from the pandemic to go back to work, alright? That's not a real statistic. Allowing people to go back to work is not job creation, right?"

Junior fired off a list of complaints that are, at best, half-true. Inflation, for example, is decreasing, as are fuel costs.

"The economy isn't booming. Look at what these policies are. They're not populist policies. They gave us skyrocketing inflation. They gave us skyrocketing gas prices. They canceled oil pipelines. They canceled those jobs. They are putting us to the brink of war. They threw our grocery bills through the roof. Inflation is insane and so are our interest rates and as our markets reset, you're gonna see even more of that," he said.

"It's all one big lie. But it's easy to lie when you have the mainstream media and big tech as your mouthpiece pretending you can do no wrong," Junior added. "It's insane."