WATCH: Former cop rants about treason as he admits to being among the mob that stormed the Capitol
Jurell Snyder (Screen grab via KPIX)

Speaking to KPIX this Wednesday a former police officer from Oakland, California, admitted to being among the Trump supporters who stormed the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C.

"People were just frustrated, they were angry, and they were at the front of the Capitol," Jurell Snyder said. "The cops at the gate -- they moved aside, gestured with their arms, almost inviting them in, almost, I hate to say it, almost like a set-up -- like they wanted us to be disruptive."

When told that frustration and anger isn't an excuse to break the law, Snyder said the people who stormed the Capitol "will be happy to take a criminal penalty."

"Come on, you're a former police officer -- you know that's illegal," KPIX's Joe Vasquez told Snyder.

"What do you think is worse, Joe?" Snyder responded. "Storming the Capitol with a flag, or committing treason against your country?"

Watch KPIX's report below:

On his Facebook page, Synder repeated debunked claims that facial recognition software had identified antifa members in the pro-Trump crowd.

The former officer also doubled down on election fraud conspiracies and criticized Vasquez for not airing them: "He left out all the data analytics and data science on vote flipping and fraudulent ballot images created at unidentified server location(s) in the tabulation process that we presented with former CIA analysts and data scientists (why recounts in GA did nothing), which all suspiciously favored Biden (link in comments)."