WATCH: Kyrsten Sinema blows off constituent asking about her meetings with lobbyists

Embattled Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) was again confronted by a constituent angry about her obstruction of Democratic Party President Joe Biden's agenda.

Inside an airport terminal, a woman says to Sinema, "I'm from Tucson, Arizona, and I'm wondering, I know you've met with dozens of lobbyists — "

"Please don't touch me," Sinema responds.

"I did not touch you," the woman pointed out.

"I know you're meeting with dozens of lobbyists and talking with corporate donors about the package," she said, apparently referring to Biden's "Build Back Better" agenda.

"How many times will you meet with constituents?" the woman asked the town hall-averse senator.

The Tuscon woman continued to ask questions, but was ignored by the senator.