Watch: North Dakota Republican blames 'parents being negligent with their kids' for students going hungry

The North Dakota State Senate this week rejected legislation to provide free school lunches to students from low-income households.

"By a 23-24 vote, the Republican-dominated Senate failed House Bill 1491 on Monday, March 27," INFORUM reported. "The proposal sponsored by Representative LaurieBeth Hager, D-Fargo, would have dedicated $6 million over the next two school years to cover K-12 students' lunch costs if their family income is less than double the federal poverty level. The House approved the bill last month."

During the debate before the measure failed, State Senator Mike Wobbema (R -24th District) coldly explained his opposition to ensuring that kids are fed.

"We talk about personal responsibility as one of the major, um, principles that the Republican Party stands on. Um, yes, I can understand kids going hungry, but is that really the problem of the school district? Is that the problem of the state of North Dakota?" Wobbema asked rhetorically.

He answered his own question.

"It's really the problem of parents being negligent with their kids if their kids are choosing to eat in the first place, which is entirely the problem that could be existing," Wobbema said. "I don't believe that it is our responsibility to carry on a program in excess of what the federal government already does. Where does it stop?"