WATCH: Zelensky friend tells heart-wrenching stories of life under Putin’s invasion

MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace on Wednesday interviewed Igor Novikov, who is a former advisor to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Wearing an "occupy Mars" T-shirt, Novikov told intimate stories of life during the war as he shelters with his wife, daughters, and two other families.

Novikov explained how two twin babies were orphaned after a Russian bomb killed both of their parents, but the two were quickly adopted.

"That's what I love Ukraine for," he said.

He also shared a story of Roma who stole a Russia tank.

"Those kind of stories keep happening. It gives you hope and a lesson I have learned from a week of this ordeal so far is if you try to get rid of sadness, depression, desperation, whatever, you know, it is just an experience. Hopefully, we're going to learn from it and be better for it. If you adopt that attitude, there's no need to run, it will end well. You just need to know it."

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He offered hope for overcoming the invasion.

"We are — the best analogy is we are a John Wick of a country. We are peaceful and go about the daily lives, brag about sports as humans and then like if you mess with us, that's a whole other story and that's what you see now," he said.


Igor Novikov