School board candidate facing furious backlash after photo reveals his 'Where is Nancy?' costume

A New Jersey school board candidate is getting some blowback after he wore Halloween costume consisting of a T-shirt reading “Where is Nancy?” in reference to the attack on Nancy Pelosi's husband, The New York Post reports.

An image was posted to an anonymous Twitter account showing Tom Gregor posing with the shirt. Gregor is unopposed for a seat on the Bethlehem Township school board.

"A friend just sent me this distressing image from Hunterdon County NJ. Says the guy in the ‘Where is Nancy’ shirt is running for board of ed nearby,” the Twitter user wrote Monday in the post of the image.

“These people walk among us. Not good,” the person added.

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When questioned by NJ Advance Media about his costume and who “Nancy” was, Gregor replied: “I don’t know who Nancy is.”

After being specifically asked if he was referring to Nancy Pelosi, the candidate replied: "No, I think it’s just a Nancy in general. Like a Karen, a Nancy."

As the New York Post points out, some users on Twitter were outraged over the shirt.

“That isn’t funny and it’s not just a costume. He’s making a statement, sad that he’s running unopposed,” one user wrote on Twitter.

“wow what a great influence this guy is to students,” another said.

“Based on his own assertion that he doesn’t know who Nancy is should be sufficient reason for anyone not to elect him to be responsible for approving educational curriculum and pedagogy for students,” another wrote.

David DePape attacked Paul Pelosi with a hammer at his San Francisco home, fracturing his skull, after asking, "Where's Nancy?"

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