'Vanilla ISIS' white nationalists are starting to sound 'very similar to the Taliban': CNN national security analyst
Southerners rally for succession, photo via the League of the South Facebook page.

White nationalists were called out on CNN on Wednesday after a shocking report that white supremacists were citing the Taliban as a model for successfully taking over a country.

For analysis, CNN's Anderson Cooper interviewed Harvard professor and CNN national security analyst Juliette Kayyem.

"We used to joke in our gallows humor...the radicalization of the right we used to call 'Vanilla ISIS' — in other words it was just about radicalization," she explained. "What we have to remember is they're really focused on an image of America — that they don't like this America, the white supremacist groups and right-wing groups."

She said the white supremacists were opposed to "a diverse America one in which women are equal, one in which there is diversity." She said it "sounds very similar to the Taliban."

"And so there is a nexus in terms of both the international sentiment of a radicalization or a sort of fascism that we see in the terrorist groups, but that's then repeated by the members of Congress, as we've heard recently sort of radicalizing and talking about violence," she said. "And, of course, the right-wing media machine."


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