Wisconsin superintendent faces false imprisonment charges after allegedly strip-searching students for vapes

A shocking report revealed that a superintendent is facing charges after an incident with students where she and the school nurse allegedly demanded they strip in front of her to prove they didn't have vape cartridges, the Daily Beast said.

Suring Public Schools Superintendent Kelly Casper has been charged with six counts of false imprisonment by Oconto County District Attorney Edward Burke. Initially, Burke refused to issue charges, saying that his investigation didn't find any laws broken.

"Casper did violate a state code that bars school employees from confining students," said the Daily Beast.

“The State concludes that Kelly Casper lacked legal authority to confine the students in a small restroom located off the nurses' office located in the Suring School Public School complex,” Burke said in a release. “The facts and surrounding circumstances leads the State to conclude that the children involved did not consent to being confined.”

One of the children said, "she felt violated and that the school should have no right to search students the way they had with her."

Two girls told the superintendent that they weren't wearing underpants under their tights so they were allowed to keep them on.

The court documents explained that Casper suspected the underage girls had vaping devices and ordered them into the bathroom. She told the nurse to ensure no one could enter the bathroom. When one student protested she said she could call "a cop" who could search her.

Statements were taken by the Oconto Sheriff’s Office about the stripped children detailing that Casper told them to take off their clothes and watched while standing in the doorway.

"None of the children involved were given the opportunity to leave," Burke said. "The only choice they were given was to have the search conducted by a police officer or Casper."

The Greenbay Press-Gazette reported that one girl said she was "too scared to say no, because she thought she was going to get in trouble."

A mother explained that her daughter "thought Superintendent Casper was going to just pat her down but she started at the waistband of her leggings and slid her hand down her leg."

She told Casper she didn't have a vape and the superintendent "threatened" to search her further and moved her hand "over her butt."

They were also told to lift their bras away from their bodies to expose their breasts.

The mother of one of the students said that their goal is to simply have her removed "and away from our children."

If found guilty of the felony, Casper could get up to six years in prison, a $10,000 fine or both.

Read the interviews with the parents here and see the video below:

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