Wisconsin Supreme Court candidate seeks permit to open gun range that serves booze
A judge's gavel (Shutterstock)

A conservative candidate for Wisconsin Supreme Court is seeking permits to open a gun range that also serves alcohol to patrons, reported Jezebel on Thursday.

"According to local news reports, Waukesha County Judge Jennifer Dorow, a conservative candidate, and her husband Brian, are developing an indoor gun range that would not only host weddings and other events, but would also serve alcohol," reported Susan Rinkunas. "The couple requested a Class B liquor license to sell beer and wine to members and guests in the 'clubhouse.' The range would also sell firearms and accessories on-site."

Per the report, they are assuring government officials they won't actually allow people to use the range after drinking.

"The Dorows said in city documents that they devised an 'alcohol safety policy' consisting of hand stamps to prevent members from entering the shooting range after drinking and a breathalyzer to be used on 'suspicious individuals.'"

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"The couple purchased the former Hartland Sportsman’s Club and renamed it Delafield Oaks Range," said the report. According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, that club had its permit revoked in 2010 after a bullet "grazed a pregnant woman who was dining on the outdoor patio at the Delafield Brewhaus about a quarter-mile away," and entered into a decade-long legal battle over the city to get its permit restored.

The Wisconsin Supreme Court race is one of the most intensely watched major elections that will take place following last year's midterms. Justice races in the state are officially nonpartisan, but in practice both Democrats and Republicans endorse a candidate based on liberal or conservative judicial philosophy.

The court currently has a 4-3 conservative makeup, but arch-conservative longtime Chief Justice Patience Roggensack is retiring from the seat up for election, meaning this race would decide the court's balance and affect cases on a range of issues from redistricting to abortion rights. Family court Judge Janet Protasiewicz is running as a liberal candidate for the Court, while another conservative, former Justice Dan Kelly, is also running to reclaim a seat on the bench.