Woman blocks Black man's car in viral confrontation: 'Get this pimp out of here'

A confrontation between a woman and a man that was captured on video and posted to TikTok has garnered more than 4.3 million views.

Monique Upchurch shared the short clip after seeing it on a friend's Facebook page, according to the video's caption. The video was filmed from the driver's seat of a car. The car then passes a woman who was carrying a door. She then points at the Black driver and says "get this pimp," before approaching the vehicle.

The woman continues to call the driver a "pimp," demanding that he "get out of here." She then blocks his car with the door she was carrying.

In a second video with no audio, the man exits his car and starts stomping on the woman's door.

As DailyDot noted, many TikTok users in the comment section slammed the woman for being a racist "Karen," but others criticized the man for escalating the situation and provoking the woman.

Watch the video below:


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