Woman hurls salsa and pizza slices during racist rampage in Minnesota: report

A Minnesota woman was arrested in connection to a hate crime where she allegedly racially abused and assaulted a Somali man, BringMeTheNews.com reports.

According to the Waite Park Police Department, Alyssa Holmberg of Ogilvie entered a string of apartments and threatened to kill people. She also allegedly threw slices of pizza at people.

Holmberg allegedly threw a jar of salsa at the Somali, which struck him in the back.

When police arrived at the scene, CBS Minnesota reports that "Holmberg was allegedly chasing a man while hollering anti-Somali racist comments. When officers tried to handcuff her, she said more racist things, insulted the officers and threatened to kill them, according to the criminal complaint. She also allegedly kicked one of the officers."

The woman has been jailed on various assault charges, including felony assault motivated by bias, which is a hate crime.

There are also pending charges of burglary, threats of violence and obstructing the legal progress.