MAGA rioter killed by police was once charged with ramming car of her husband’s ex-girlfriend: report

The Trump supporter who was killed by Capitol police while trying to breach the Speaker's Room this Wednesday was once accused of chasing and harassing her husband's ex-girlfriend and repeatedly ramming the back of her car, the Daily Mail reports.

Ashli Babbitt was charged with rear-ending her husband's ex-girlfriend, Celeste Norris, three times on a Maryland highway in July 2016.

"She was waving erratically, and beeping the horn and appeared to be very angry," Norris, 39, wrote in an affidavit about the incident. "I was fearful she would attempt to physically harm me."

Babbitt allegedly followed Norris from a shopping center to an intersection before slamming into her car while screaming at her.

"She was screaming at me to get out of my vehicle … she was acting very erratic," Norris said in the court papers.

Babbitt was charged with reckless endangerment, dangerous driving and malicious property damage for the crash — but was later acquitted.

In a subsequent restraining order, Norris said Babbitt called in false police reports against her and harassed her with late-night phone calls.

"Her continued efforts to disrupt my life, all I want is my life back and to move forward without having to worry about these attacks," Norris wrote in the order which was upheld.