Woman wakes up covered in blood -- is horrified to see that it's dripping from the ceiling
Screenshot via KXAN

A Texas woman woke up to what she thought was a water leak coming from the ceiling dripping on her face. But she soon realized that it wasn't water -- it was blood, KXAN reports.

Ana Cardenas found that the blood was spattered on her walls, her bed, and her body, thanks to the fact that the leak had trickled into her ceiling fan.

"It grossed me out. I was in shock. I thought 'This isn't real, this is a dream — wake up.' I called maintenance and they said 'Are you sure?' and I said, 'Blood is falling on me,'" Cardenas said in Spanish.

As it turns out, the blood was coming from her upstairs neighbors who had died.

"The firefighters knocked down his door and the body was laying exactly where my fan is underneath. He had carpet but the blood seeped through to my ceiling," Cardenas said. According to police, her neighbor died from natural causes and had been decomposing for about a week.

Cardenas is trying to get Cielo Vista Apartment management to compensate for her damaged property.

"I told them my bed is covered in blood and they told me they're sorry but the insurance won't pay it," Cardenas said.

Watch a report on the story from KXAN: