How QAnon uses slick propaganda to recruit women into their cult
QAnon (Kyle Grillot AFP)

On CNN Thursday, reporter Tom Foreman broke down the high number of women involved in the Capitol riot — and the ways the QAnon conspiracy theory movement tooled its propaganda to draw women in.

"Arrest records list more than 20 women charged in the uproar, and that's no surprise for Seyward Darby," said Foreman. "She's written about women in extremist movements and say many embrace a very conservative view of life."

"They are being told, you are the revolution, you are the radicals," said Darby in a clip. "Women are being appealed to by being told, you know, you are mothers. You are, you know, the protecters of your home, of your family, and now is the time to stand up and fight for that."

"Among those charged, Christine Priola, a mother and former school therapist from Ohiol; Dawn Bancroft, a gym owner who prosecutors say posted a photo saying she was 'looking for Nancy [Pelosi] to shoot her in the friggin' brain,'" said Foreman. "Authorities say there was a salon owner, a corrections officer, the woman shot and killed, an Air Force veteran. And Jenna Ryan, a realtor and radio host from Texas."

"Just as the government asked women to pitch in during World War II by appealing to them as mothers and community members, experts say movements like QAnon are doing the same now," said Foreman. "Telling women the nation needs them to stand up amid political warfare and a raging pandemic. No matter how dishonest that recruitment may be. There is absolutely no question some women joined this movement for the exact same reason as men. But it is also beyond a doubt that this year in particular with so many pressures on families and communities falling disproportionately on women, this message from QAnon of saying, we have another way, a new answer, another path forward, clearly resonated with some."

Watch below: