Lawyers for Lin Wood and Sidney Powell try to get them out of trouble by claiming they were too dumb to know better

During the Monday sanctions hearing for Lin Wood and Sidney Powell, their lawyers Julia Haller, Howard Kleinhendler and Donald Campbell attempted to explain why their clients didn't correct any false information in their Michigan election filings.

Detroit lawyer David Fink accused Powell and Wood of recklessness in making citations in the court document that were easily disproved with a simple google search. Fink said that Powell and Wood alleged that in Detroit there was over 100 percent vote count. Fink said that anyone could search the actual election results and find the corrected percentage on the County Clerk's website.

A Nov. 6 report from MichiganLive revealed that a software settings error caused one precinct to miscalculate the numbers but it was corrected. Still, that "over 100 percent" claim made it into the court filing and Fink said that those numbers were then used by former President Donald Trump in his attempt "to extort" Georgia Republican Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger.

"All it took was 30 seconds for me to look on the internet to find the [correct] answer," said Fink about the claim.

Powell and Wood's lawyers claimed that those lawyers "are not statisticians," and that they wrote in the court filing that they were citing a report of over 100 percent voters.

Fink argued that they have due diligence as lawyers in the court to confirm what they put in their filings. Powell and Wood's lawyer explained that they were correctly citing the "report" that said it was over 100 percent and that they didn't have the statistical knowledge to know better.

Fink went on to say that everyone seemed to be blaming everyone else in the case, but that they have a duty under the Michigan court rules not to make false statements in court.

Powell and Wood's lawyers claimed that they could defend their court filing if the court allowed them to have a hearing or a trial and call witnesses cited in the court document.

The court proceedings can be watched below: