Ohio man arrested after 40 dead and 80 starving dogs are found at his home
Beagle dogs (Shutterstock)

An Ohio man in Pike County has been charged with animal cruelty after being arrested with 40 dead dogs on his property as well another 80 dogs that were hunger stricken and victims of obvious neglect and malnourishment.

Wyndan Syke has been taken into custody after the Pike County Sheriff's successfully executed a search warrant after a neighbor filed an animal cruelty complaint. In addition to the over 100 dogs, there were several dead chickens on the property, along with a live pig.

The horrific scene included a dead dog that had been beaten and tied to a tractor.

Several local and regional animal control and animal welfare entities assisted in the removal of both the dead and living animals on the properties. According to the Pike County Sheriff's Office, two of the deceased animals are currently under autopsy review.

Skye was given a $40,000 bond and a court date of Feb. 6.