WATCH: Wyoming voter trashes Liz Cheney — and promotes the Big Lie despite admitting no evidence for it

On Thursday, CNN aired a report of Gary Tuchman traveling to Wyoming to speak with voters about Rep. Liz Cheney's falling out with the Republican Party — and found a number of voters who fully bought into former President Donald Trump's "big lie" about the election being stolen, and want Cheney out for standing up to it.

One woman, in particular, enthusiastically embraced Trump's conspiracy theories — even when confronted with the fact that no evidence exists to support it.

"I think she needs to go," said the woman as Tuchman interviewed her from out of her car window. "Just because I don't think she did the right thing for the Republican Party."

"She says that Donald Trump is lying about the election being stolen," said Tuchman.

"I agree," she replied. "I agree that the election was stolen."

"There's no evidence of it," Tuchman reminded her.

"Well, eventually it might come out," she replied stubbornly.

Watch below:

Gary Tuchman confronts Wyoming Trump supporter about Big Lie