'You take an oath': GOP strategist shreds Trump's demand to 'terminate' the Constitution
Scott Jennings -- CNN screenshot

In a panel on CNN Tuesday, longtime Mitch McConnell strategist Scott Jennings assessed former President Donald Trump as failing to lift his latest presidential campaign off the ground.

One of the key blows to his credibility even among many Republicans, Jennings argued, was the moment Trump called to "terminate" the Constitution so he could be reinstalled in office — something he belatedly tried to pretend he never said, even though it was a public post on his Truth Social platform.

"For the former president's campaign — not much of a campaign so far, but his announcement, does this impact this?" asked anchor Anderson Cooper.

"Well, he's had a really bad month," said Jennings. "I mean, he announced his campaign, it was super flat. The midterms have been widely interpreted by a lot of Republicans as a repudiation of his impact on the party, and a lot of folks who used to support him are really rethinking whether they want to go though this again."

"There was also the neo-Nazi, white supremacist lunch, and tearing up the Constitution," Cooper jumped in.

"Absolutely, and his saying we have to tear up the Constitution, which I think on January 6th is what he also said," Jennings agreed. "I mean, when you're the president you take an oath. To the best of my ability preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution. He failed on January 6th. He's now saying it again. So all of this is just a story for Republicans to consider about whether you want to drag these heavy bags through another campaign, only to have the majority of the American people tell us for a third time we don't want it."

Watch below:

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