YouTuber arrested for attack on media staging area after the Capitol riot
Zvonimir Jurlina. (DOJ Photo)

Zvonimir Jurlina was arrested Monday by the FBI in connection with an assault on news media covering the January 6 Capitol riot. Jurlina is charged with acts of physical violence and destruction of property at a media staging area.

Jurlina, 31, of New York, filmed a 12-part video that he narrated on his YouTube channel "Zykotik," authorities say. During that video, he joined a crowd of people leaving the Capitol who authorities say "harassed, threatened, robbed, and assaulted members of the news media."

Based on the FBI criminal complaint, Jurlina seemed to be having quite a good time. It starts at 3:10 into the video:

"Yes, Yes! Oh sh*t. Yo boys, we got…this, this is our f*cking sh*t! Wooo. Wooo. F*ck yeah! F*ck yeah!" At the same time, other participants in the attack on the media were seen stomping on what appeared to be a camera affixed to a tripod. A man who appeared to have been a cameraman for a media outlet walked across the forefront of the video and Jurlina says, "Yo, your camera…is busted boy. Your camera is busted."

Then Jurlina tells his audience, "Yo, I guess we should loot now, right? This is pretty expensive equipment. I'm thinking maybe I should just grab it up and then go to a pawn shop. I've got a souvenir. Haha"

Then, Jurlina turns the camera on himself, in his hand a microphone with an orange top with the logo German based television broadcaster ZDF and proclaims, "This is reporter Zykotik coming to you live. We are, haha. This is the real news media network. We have taken over. This is mother f*cking America first. This is how we do it. No more f*cking around."

(Zykoftik is the name of Jurlina's YouTube channel, which is still active. The video from the riot has been removed.)

About a minute later, according to the FBI report, Jurlina says, "'Sorry folks, we got some breaking news here, we got some breaking news here.'" Jurlina "then laughs and twice makes a grunting noise that coincides with the sound of breaking equipment."

Later in the video, Jurlina is seen handing a lighter to someone else, who attempts to set some equipment on fire. "Little Marco Rubio gave me that lighter," he says. Then he turns his attention to some of the media's gear.

"That's a nice ass bag bro. I might just jack that… It's abandoned property. This is abandoned property. It's not theft. It's abandoned property as you can see. They ran away. Right? It's not theft. It's not theft. I didn't ...Zykotik did nothing wrong."

Jurlina is charged with "destruction of property in special maritime and territorial jurisdiction and aiding abetting. He's also charge with "an act of physical violence."

You can read the full FBI charging document here.