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Russia Today anchor confesses no ‘mouthpiece for the Kremlin’ is better than Donald Trump
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Liz Wahl very publicly quit her anchor job on air at the Russia-sponsored network Russia Today after she said the news site “whitewashed” Vladimir Putin’s invasion into Crimea. Now, Wahl is calling out Donald Trump for being a Kremlin puppet.

In an interview captured by Media Matters, with NBC News reporter Chris Jansing, Wahl was asked what she expects to hear going forward from what she called the “Russian propaganda machine” as the new administration takes over.

“This is typical,” Wahl said of the Russian government’s pressure to craft media reports. “Denial is kind of a, just the way that they handle news that is damning to them. And you hear this over and over again that there is no proof.”

She noted that the news is similar to when Russia became more aggressive in Ukraine. “Denial is what they do,” she explained. “There were little green men in Ukraine, occupying Crimea and the war in eastern Ukraine, they said they didn’t exist, and they were fueling the war in Eastern Ukraine, they said that that was not happening. And perhaps most disturbingly, the repeated targeting bombing of hospitals, humanitarian aid convoy, of the White Helmets, of civilian groups. These are all things that have been happening and simply, you just get denials.”

Wahl said that it reminds her of the way that the Trump team also treated the news during the campaign.

“We’re getting this intelligence from US intelligence agencies, from the CIA, and this evidence is presented to him, and he’s saying, ‘Nope, I simply don’t believe it.’ So, there really isn’t a better mouthpiece for the Kremlin right now.”

She explained that anther major message that Russian media uses is urging people not to trust U.S. institutions, western institutions and the mainstream media. It can create a kind of chaos among people because, ultimately, no one can be trusted.

Wahl told CNN’s Anderson Cooper after her resignation that the Russian government pressures American reporters working at the RT network to fit their reporting around the network’s agenda.

See the full video below via Media Matters:

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