'Unhinged' man arrested for punching 12-year-old Jewish boy in the face in broad daylight
Screen cap via Fox LA

A California man is being held in custody after witnesses say he physically attacked a 12-year-old Jewish boy.

Fox 11 LA reports that the Los Angeles Police Department this week arrested 50-year-old Daniel Rankin on suspicion of battery after witnesses saw him walk up to an Orthodox Jewish child and punch him in the face.

Sam Yebri, an attorney and Los Angeles City Council candidate, condemned the attack and said that the city cannot allow incidents such as this to become a routine occurrence.

"Today, on Melrose Ave (a few blocks from my own LA City Council campaign event tonight), an Orthodox Jewish child was punched in the face -- in the streets of Los Angeles -- in broad daylight,'' Yebri wrote on Twitter. "Another unhinged person then walked by, defended the attacker, and threatened to `kill the kid's entire family.' This is not OK, cannot become the new normal in our city, and must end now.''

No bail has currently been set for Rankin, according to court records reviewed by Fox 11 LA.