Unvaccinated COVID victims issue dire warnings to learn from their mistakes: 'I didn't think I was going to get it'
Unvaccinated COVID-19 patient (CNN).

On Wednesday's edition of "The Lead," CNN ran a segment on unvaccinated people who deeply regret their decisions after either falling ill or losing loved ones to COVID-19.

CNN host Jake Tapper began by running down some of the dismal numbers on the current state of the pandemic in America.

"With less than 50 percent of the United States fully vaccinated, coronavirus has been ripping through unvaccinated communities," said anchor Jake Tapper. "Since last spring, we... have been reading about our fellow Americans who did not take COVID seriously enough or who scoffed at science. And far too often we've been reading about these individuals in the obituaries. And we don't blame them. We blame the charlatans and elsewhere who have lied to them... but we do think it's worth taking a listen to some of their regrets."

He then cut to interviews of COVID patients who regretted not getting the vaccine.

"I just thought, if I live through this, I want to go on a mission to try to help people to see that it is not worth not taking the vaccine," said COVID survivor Linda Edwards.

"If it can take a healthy person, you know, and do what happened to my son and it take his life, then why wouldn't you want to take the vaccine?" said Christy Carpenter, who lost her unvaccinated son.

"I didn't think I was going to get it," said nurse practitioner Aaron Hartle. "It never occurred to me that it was a choice between getting vaccinated and getting really sick ... I worry that my example to them was the wrong example."

Watch below:

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