Dinesh D'Souza challenges Bill Barr to 'public debate' about evidence in his conspiracy flick '2000 Mules'

In a proclamation on Twitter, far-right filmmaker Dinesh D'Souza challenged former Attorney General William Barr to debate him publicly on the merits of his conspiracy theory-laden "documentary" on election fraud, 2000 Mules.

"'I'd like to invite Bill Barr to a public debate on election fraud," tweeted D'Souza. "Given his blithe chuckling dismissal of #2000Mules this should be easy for him. What do you say, Barr? Do you dare to back up your belly laughs with arguments that can withstand rebuttal and cross-examination?"

This comes after Barr's testimony calling voter fraud claims by former President Donald Trump and his allies "bullsh*t" in a video presented by the House Select Committee investigating the January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol.

Barr took particular aim at 2000 Mules, calling the claims made by the film "singularly unimpressive."

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The film, which alleges thousands of "ballot mules" illegally delivered ballots in major cities to secure wins for Democrats, has been roundly debunked by experts.

D'Souza infamously pleaded guilty to an illegal straw donor campaign finance scheme in 2014, only to be issued a pardon by Trump, a fan of his work.