Newsmax and Fox host refuse to promote conservative's 'election fraud' flick: doc maker
[Dinesh D'Souza photograph by Gage Skidmore, Creative Commons licensed]

On Monday, The Daily Beast reported that far-right conspiracy theorist filmmaker Dinesh D'Souza attacked Fox News' Tucker Carlson and Newsmax on Twitter for not promoting his latest bizarre flick that baselessly claims the 2020 presidential election was stolen.

"The conservative firebrand took to Twitter on Monday to gripe that sympathetic MAGA media was supposedly suppressing 2000 Mules, his latest propaganda film peddling a wholly flawed and faulty premise about ballot fraud in the 2020 election," reported Justin Baragona. "D’Souza was the toast of Trumpworld last week after he premiered the movie at Mar-a-Lago, insisting there were hundreds of thousands of illegal votes cast in 2020 due to Democratic ballot 'mules.' Former President Donald Trump, who has repeatedly peddled 'rigged election' lies unsurprisingly gushed that D’Souza had exposed the 'great election fraud.'"

“I’m sorry to say Tucker Carlson and his team specifically instructed Catherine Engelbrecht of True the Vote NOT to mention the movie,” wrote D'Souza. “BTW @newsmax is also blocking coverage of ‘2000 Mules.’ I was booked on Grant Stinchfield’s Newsmax show and then the network cancelled on me. Criticize the move if you like, but why isn’t this a legitimate news story? How can so-called news networks pretend it doesn’t exist?”

PolitiFact has broadly debunked the claims made by D'Souza's film.

Fox News and Newsmax have both been targeted by billion-dollar lawsuits alleging that their promotion of election fraud conspiracy theories have been defamatory. Despite this, noted the report, D'Souza's insinuation he has been blackballed by Fox and Newsmax hosts isn't entirely correct.

"While D’Souza accused Newsmax of canceling his interview and censoring any coverage of his movie, Stinchfield posted a shirtless video of himself on Instagram over the weekend calling on police officers to 'go rogue' in order to prove the allegations included in 2000 Mules," said the report. "Additionally, while D’Souza and his allies allege that he’s been suppressed by right-wing cable outlets, he was given at least one opportunity by Fox to pitch his film. During an April 27 appearance on former Trump adviser Larry Kudlow’s Fox Business Network show, he claimed it was 'absolutely true' that 'mules' harvested ballots to 'rig the election.'"

D'Souza previously pleaded guilty to a criminal campaign finance fraud scheme in 2014. Former President Donald Trump, a fan of his films, issued him a pardon in 2018.

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