These fringe folks are throwing anything they can against the wall. Tim Russo of Blogger Interrupted has the story of an Ohio woman named Joy Atwood who managed to get on the Cleveland CBS affiliate and spew complete batsh*ttery -- Barack Obama is an Arab, and wants to kill babies. Tim confronted Atwood on her "facts" --

Ms. Atwood still insists that Barack Obama will revert to his Muslim and "Arab tendencies." She said her source for the information Obama wants to kill babies comes from Concerned Women for America.

More below the fold. I surfed over at the CWA site, but didn't see any article of citing Obama was ready to eat or kill babies on there, but I assume she was referencing this interview with CWA's Wendy Wright, which discussed late-term abortions:

Wendy Wright, the president of Concerned Women for America, says NARAL's endorsement seemingly indicates Obama is even more "pro-abortion" than Clinton.

"And ... that may be hard to believe, considering the fact that Hillary Clinton supports partial-birth abortion ...," says Wright. "Barack Obama not only favors [that], but apparently also favors born-alive abortions -- that is, even if the baby's completely outside the woman."

Wright notes that even many conservative Christians are unaware that Obama vigorously opposed the Born Alive Infant Protection Act while he served in the Illinois Legislature. "So his opposition to a bill that would protect babies who are born alive seems to be go even farther than Hillary Clinton, who allowed [similar legislation] to pass through the Senate without opposing it," she notes.

I think people can clearly see the problems with her argument, even as the issue of late-term abortion is controversial. Atwood does a disservice to her position by using the hysteria smear tactic, and of course, wasn't challenged by Russo as to what punishment she would seek for those participating in this procedure if it were to be criminalized.

Should the mother be jailed for seeking out the late-term abortion? The doctor? Is the person who drove the woman there an accessory to the crime? Just asking, because from the above video, it doesn't look like Ms. Atwood likes to engage in truth seeking or critical thinking skills.