Are you lining up for tickets for the dinosaurs-walked-the-earth-with-Man venue this summer? And they want to inflict this anti-science BS on other cities, with mini-versions in churches.

The group behind a museum that focuses on the biblical account of creation plans to expand the facility in Northern Kentucky over the next year, focusing on programs for children. Answers in Genesis founder Ken Ham said that among additions to the Creation Museum will be kiosks aimed at kids and an outdoor playground.

The museum, which presents a literal interpretation of the Bible, has hosted more than 400,000 visitors since it opened last May. Officials hope to have 300,000 museum visitors in the next year.

Ham said the popularity of the museum in Petersburg -- just south and west of Cincinnati -- has brought requests from other religious groups that museums be built in their cities. He said there are no plans to do so. "Once you've done one, it's easier to do another one," museum co-founder and spokesman Mark Looy said. "But we just opened this a year ago, and we're just learning how to operate it. Opening a second one is a dream way off in the distance."

...In the meantime, Ham said the museum is consulting with churches throughout the country to build one-room displays that will serve as mini-Creation Museums.

Hit the rewind button for an earlier post on this museum after the jump. Faggoty-Ass Faggot's field trip to the Creation Museum

This is a howler. Brian (a.k.a. Faggoty-Ass Faggot) wrote me and said: "So, I decided to take a little homo tour of the new Creation Museum in Kentucky ... turns out they don't like the gays. Shocking! Even the anti-gay displays had anti-gay graffiti on them, which I thought was especially Christian."

Please surf over and check out the grand tour. I will share this tidbit...

I call this the "Hide Adam's Cock" game. How about a fern?


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