We fucking get it already. The heartening thing so far about this election is that the closest thing the GOP has come to a consistent line of attack is that Obama's some sort of amorphous blob of badness who's frequently used the presidential campaign stump to further his own nefarious ambitions of being president.

There is one part I want to highlight to show just how badly Rove is flailing in his efforts to tar Obama:

My former White House colleague Yuval Levin pointed out that Mr. Obama, in his first national TV ad rolled out Friday, claims credit for having "extended health care for wounded troops," citing the 2008 defense authorization. That bill passed 91-3 – but Mr. Obama was one of only six senators who didn't show up to vote. This brazen claim underscores the candidate's thin résumé and, again, his chutzpah.

There was another senator who didn't show up, either. Obama, not showing up for a largely procedural vote, was also rather active in the amendment process for the bill, as opposed to McCain. McCain can be excused though, as he was too busy floundering around waiting for Rudy Giuliani to implode for most of 2007 to show up to vote more than 38.6% of the time.

Ah, well. At least, unlike Obama, McCain doesn't slather on the rhetoric like some trollop.