I'll admit - my favorite thing that Bill Donohue ever did wasn't try to get Amanda retroactively annulled from life. It was when he attacked a Catholic priest for saying something he didn't like. This is because the stated mission of the Catholic League is this:

Motivated by the letter and the spirit of the First Amendment, the Catholic League works to safeguard both the religious freedom rights and the free speech rights of Catholics whenever and wherever they are threatened.

The Catholic League officially destroyed itself today, instead amassing as a collection of free-floating objects around Bill Donohue's gargantuan ego.

Now, they're again focusing on a target that poses a grave threat to all that Catholics hold dear: PZ Myers. You see, Myers called the Eucharist a "cracker" during a story about a man receiving death threats for taking his eucharist with him rather than eating it, and was rude in doing so.

The problem that I have with the Catholic League isn't that they're offended. To people who believe in the transubstantion of the Eucharist, declaring it "just a cracker" is offensive. But the majority of the world thinks that the Eucharist is just a cracker. If that belief, no matter how strongly worded, is worthy of a jihad against someone's livelihood and even their life,

For an organization that brands itself the Catholic ACLU, the Catholic League is essentially a crypto-totalitarian* organization that declares that there's a Constitution for its preferred groups (conservative Catholics, Republicans - imagine a few million Antonin Scalias and you've got the picture) and the ability to coexist with them as the sole privilege of any other group.

Fuck the Catholic League. And go help PZ.

*Changed from neo-fascist, as I'm not Jonah Goldberg.