It's Sunday, and time for another installment of fundie freakout. Read the unhinged ravings of J. Grant Swank, Jr., a pastor at New Hope Church in Windham, Maine. Apparently same-sex marriage will result in curses on the U.S. Hilariously, Dear Leader is apparently responsible for his own political woes because of his use and references to the Koran. Remember, people like this guy actually vote.

When America in any one location ratifies "marriage" as same-gender, that is a major sin. It will deal out major penalties from heaven's throne.

...The more America moves from biblically morality, the more it comes under the divine curse. The Bible states the blessings God will bring upon the obedient. It also states the curses God will bring upon the disobedient.

For instance, I believe there presently is a divine curse on the White House. Why? Because President George W. Bush placed the Koran in that house's library. The occasion was a much-celebrated Ramadan dinner where both Muslim males and females were guests.

...Taking biblical data into consideration, one can conclude that God was very angry at that move. I believe He has brought a curse the White House because of placing the Koran alongside the Bible in the White House library. God cannot tolerate those who place other gods alongside Him.

It was this same Mr. Bush who stated to a Muslim that all roads lead to God. Mr. Bush should know better than that, claiming to be a daily Bible reader.

Did I mention Swank is a contributor to Alan Keyes's RenewAmerica web site, and a site called The level of paranoia and ignorance here is astounding -- Swank has BA and MDiv degrees (Harvard Divinity School), so it's pretty clear that formal higher ed has little to do with assisting some when it comes to learning about the reality-based world.