Dapper Don Wildmon and Co. have launched a boycott against McDonald's for being too pro-homosexual. Of course you'd expect a lot of bluster right out of the box, but with this ludicrous disclaimer the AFA is already on the defensive:

What the boycott of McDonald's IS NOT about
  • This boycott is not about hiring homosexuals.
  • It is not about homosexuals eating at McDonald's.
  • It is not about how homosexual employees are treated.

The "evidence" presented on the site of the pro-homo agenda is a video of the Golden Arches' sponsorship of the 2007 S.F. Gay Pride parade.

W-E-A-K. Can you hear the giant flushing sound of the American Family Association's power as it goes down the crapper?

Jeremy of Good As You gets the scoop:

Yes, that's right -- Like Disney and Ford before them, Mickey D's has become the latest American corporation to suffer at the baselessly extremist, rabidly anti-gay hands of Don Wildmon Inc. The McNugget company's "sin"? The refused to shun Vice President of Communications Richard Ellis for his decision to serve on the Board of Directors of the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC).

::sigh:: If ever there were a reason to eat carbs, gays, this just might be it!