To bookend Jesse's post...

CNN's Lou Dobbs stopped by the booth and exclaimed, "My wife will love this!"

Hmmm...why would the page on the Obama Waffles site linked above suddenly get pulled? After all, Lou Dobbs, a speaker at the Values Voter Summit, stopped by the vendor table to give a slamming endorsement of the product; it depicts Barack Obama as a Muslim bug-eyed Aunt Jemima. The photo, as you can see, shows an approving Dobbs with a box of the mix in his hand.

For those of you who may have missed yesterday's post, Mark Whitlock and Bob DeMoss, two aspiring Klansmen writers from Tennessee set up a booth sponsored by Tony Perkins and the Family Research Council to sell the Obama Waffles, asserting it was "political satire."

After Think Progress covered this story, the page was yanked from the ObamaWaffles web site, and FRC issued a feeble press release trying to distance itself from the product, claiming it didn't vet the vendor's product and didn't realize the boxes on display were "offensive material."

The vendors were smiling and enjoying brisk sales before FRC realized this was bad PR for the professional "Christian" organization.

Gee, with a big banner at the display table (see the video below the fold), it's odd that no one affiliated with the pious womb-controlling, anti-gay FRC noticed something amiss with the Muslim Minstrel party going on over there and thought about ringing the big boys about a potential PR problem. Ahem.