It's like watching the death of a petty, embarrassing star:

The court ruled that Coleman owes Franken $95,000 in court costs. Minnesota law says the loser pays the winner's costs in an election contest, so it's all on Coleman's shoulders. Franken had requested $161,000 be paid to cover his costs.

...Coleman's lawyers say they won't pay up until a decision on the Minnesota Supreme Court appeal.

If there's one thing I would want in a Senator, it's the willingness to ignore a direct court order*. After this brave move, I'm more certain than ever that Minnesotans are on the verge of rising up and demanding another election be held, one in which Coleman will win in a landslide and be lifted up to be literally carried triumphantly all the way to Washington, D.C. by grateful, hero-worshipping constituents.

(Seriously, don't you just know that's what Coleman dares to dream?)

* Well, okay, technically the judgment doesn't demand immediate payment as the original blog post linked indicated. I still like the word scofflaw, so it's staying up.