Keyboard protection on...look at who's invited and who's confirmed to attend the 2009 Values Voter Summit. It's like the best of the Blend collection of wingers and fundies. Honest to god, did Stephen Baldwin think this head shot was a good idea to circulate? And lookee here -- RNC head also-ran Ken Blackwell and Washington State's fundie laughingstock Ken Hutcherson are on board.

Below the fold are more's too delicious. Disgraced Miss California and memoir-peddler Carrie Prejean is sure to entertain...I wonder what winger will try to sidle up to her...Billo? Rush? Guaranteed to show no interest: Mitch McConnell and Rick Perry. Gee, why wasn't Lindsay Graham invited?

BTW, this is the same conference site that SC Gov. Mark Sanford was excised from once his concubine exploratory mission was revealed.