Just thinkin' ...

  • We are currently living in a world where there's a chance that Leo Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo won't be playing in the World Cup. If that happens, the Mayans were right and you can expect a rapture soon.
  • And like him or not, Ronaldo is currently on pace to score about 230 goals this campaign with Real Madrid.
  • Good timing: South Africa announces a drop in murder rates. It's like the whole nation is coming together.
  • Man City and Man United was one hell of a game. Here's the thing tho - City nearly survived away from home without Emmanuel Adebayor, Roque Santa Cruz and Robinho. Imagine United doing that without Rooney.
  • Early results in the Samuel Eto'o for Zlatan Ibrahimovi? see an advantage for Barcelona. But there's a ways to go yet.
  • One of these days, I'd like to feel the same excitement that Filippo Inzaghi does after he scores a goal.
  • Yes, Brazilian great Romario is a Socialist. But hey, it's Brazil, you can't walk down the street without tripping over a communist.
  • Geovanni is about to finally get a secure home at Hull City. Yet another former Cruzeiro player thriving in Europe.