Why is Paul Wolfowitz being treated by the media as if he still any credibility on U.S. foreign policy? On Friday night, Rachel Maddow launched into an epic rant about his latest piece in Foreign Policy Magazine.

"If you were an architect of the Iraq war, you don't ever get an opportunity to talk about what's a good idea for war ever again," Maddow said.

She then castigated the entire Bush administration for being wrong about Iraq. "I'm sorry, when it comes to war in this country, you had your chance. Blew it. No. Wrong."

She continued, "You are not going to be consulted on the next big idea since you got the last one so wrong. Take up another hobby. Try to convince us to listen to your big ideas on some other subject. Confess before the cleric of your choosing. But war advice? No. Seriously, you went looking for a plan for Afghanistan and for that plan, you went looking to Paul Wolfowitz? The answer is no, no, no. Ten years of hell, No. Not again."

Watch the full segment below, originally uploaded by MSNBC on October 28, 2011.

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