The latest episode of Moyers & Company featured an interesting discussion between Moyers and activist Angela Glover Blackwell.

Blackwell is a "national leader for social justice and equity" and is the author of Uncommon Common Ground: Race and America's Future.

During the exchange, the two discussed the "Occupy" movement, social justice and equity. Blackwell particularly focused on the importance of basic infrastructure:

In low-income communities, transportation, particularly public transportation is a lifeline. We have lots of communities in which the availability of a car is actually unheard of. There are many communities in which most people in the community don't have a car. Twenty-five percent of people in the African American/Latino community are without cars.

And with-- this is at a time when so many of the jobs are not in their communities. They're in the suburban community. And so if people don't have public transportation, they cannot connect to work. You may have an employer who's an equal opportunity employer, who would be happy to hire somebody ready for the job, from an inner-city community.

But if they can't get there, the two will never meet. We also have, in this country, many families that are struggling to provide healthy diets, when there's no place in the community to buy fresh fruits, and vegetables. Only eight percent of African Americans live in a census tract, with a grocery store.

Watch the full interview below, originally uploaded by Moyers & Company on April 13, 2012: