A heckler burst into a room where former U.K. Prime Minister Tony Blair was testifying on Monday and branded him a "war criminal" over alleged payments by JPMorgan for the Iraq war.

David Lawley-Wakelin, who was from the Alternative Iraq Enquiry, momentarily halted Blair's testimony to Lord Justice Leveson's Inquiry on media ethics.

"This man should be arrested for war crimes!" the heckler shouted. "JPMorgan paid him off for the Iraq war three months after he invaded Iraq. They held up the Iraq bank for $20 billion. He was then paid $6 million every year and still is from JPMorgan six months after he left office."

"The man is a war criminal!" he exclaimed as three security officials dragged him from the room.

Lawley-Wakelin was referring to Blair's role a senior adviser with JPMorgan.

"Can I just say on the record what he said about Iraq and JPMorgan is completely and totally untrue," Blair insisted after the heckler was removed. "I have never had a discussion with them about that."

The former prime minister was testifying about his relationship with News Corporation CEO Rupert Murdoch. Blair, who was backed by Murdoch's papers in three elections, is godfather to one of Murdoch's children.

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