Like SEK, I'm a little confused about the hesitation that the media is showing observing what's super-obvious, which is that the shooter at the Sikh temple this weekend was a neo-Nazi white supremacist punk idiot. Maybe it's because they're afraid of---god forbid---offending the workaday idiots who just have one or two Confederate flags but draw the line at Nazi symbology. Maybe it's because they've been lucky enough not to have met these morons before. Either way, it's time to just call the shooter out for what he is, and get away from the misleading misnomer "Sikh shooter" that makes it sound like the victims are the source of the violence.

The Dead Kennedys were calling out motherfuckers like this guy a long, long time ago.

It might sound trite to talk about this stuff now, but one of the critical things that needs to happen to prevent hate crimes is that people not in the hated group need to speak out and denounce hate. A lot of racist extremists flourish and commit acts of violence because they've convinced themselves they have a lot of silent support from other white people, or in this case, other white punk fans. Only by speaking up can we even hope to discourage this illusion.